BSV Blockchain: Restoring the promise of Enterprise Blockchain (eBook)

BSV: what it is and how it restores the promise of enterprise blockchain

Blockchain promised the business world greater efficiency that would result in lower costs and optimised performance.

Although this vision of blockchain’s application within enterprises is completely realistic, we have yet to see it come to fruition. Enterprise blockchain has failed to deliver on its incentives, leaving many disillusioned by the benefits of blockchain for business.

Blockchain technology was designed to equip businesses to integrate with the data economy through a distributed, secure, scalable and stable infrastructure. But present implementations of the technology have led us further away from this goal, with competing protocols, fragmented implementations and the creations of more not fewer, data silos.

But, by returning to the original design and protocol of the Bitcoin blockchain, the BSV blockchain has solved the drawbacks and delivered on the promises of blockchain for business.

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